Celebrating Magnificent Women Internationally....
Ms. MWI International
Melanie Britton
Melanie Britton has spent the last 23 years doing what she loves…teaching music! Working with teenagers and building successful high school band, orchestra and choir programs has been her passion
Ms. MWI Elite International
Dee Lane
Ms. Lane is married to her high school sweetheart “The only man she has ever LOVED”. Blessed to be the parent of one beautiful daughter Kelsey, 25.
Having recently retired as a funeral director/facial
Women 50+
MWI International Beauty
Michelle Ball
Michelle began her career in show business in 2006, when she performed on "Emperor's New Clothes", where she also discovered her for make up artistry. Michelle auditioned for school plays and
Ladies 18-34
Miss MWI International
Who will be the FIRST?
Be the first to wear the CROWN? A division for ladies 18-27. Single, never married. No children,
Become A Contestant
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Women 35 & Over
MWI International was designed to showcase the beauty, intelligence & grace of all Women. As each incredible lady shares her ideas and goals, they become unified with their communities and create a bond of sisterhood that extends across the globe. This sisterhood strengthens them to see beyond their immediate surroundings and situations and extends their service across the globe. As each delegate shares her experiences of how she serves her community, she and all who she meets will be strengthened and edified because their paths have crossed.

We invite you to join us in the journey of a lifetime! It could be YOU!”
Dream the Dream, take the next step towards becoming
Ms/Miss/Beauty or Elite
MWI International!
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Crowning Moment

2nd Annual Event
MWI International 2013,
Melanie Britton representing
North America.
Crowning Moment

Inaugural Event
MWI International Elite 2013,
Delores "Dee" Lane representing
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Crowning Moment

Inaugural Event
 MWI Internationall Beauty 2013,
Michelle Ball representing
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MWI Celebrating Magnificent Women Internationally........
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