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Heidi Scheer
MWI International Ambassador 2016/17
From the "Great Lakes State” Michigan, MWI International Ambassador Program


As a national spokesperson and advocate for autism, Heidi has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. sharing her story of hope with thousands of families, physicians, and educators. Heidi is the mother of three children, one of them being affected by autism. Within the first hours of hearing her son’s diagnosis she began her fight to beat this “incurable”, (so the doctors said), disorder that had taken over her little boy. Heidi immediately started her son on a gluten free/casein free diet and saw remarkable progress with her son! After six years of biomedical interventions and numerous therapies, and homeopathy, her son is near recovery!

Heidi is a regular guest on radio, TV, and news shows including national coverage on Fox. She has spoken at rallies on the capitol steps for autism insurance legislation and has lobbied U.S. Senators on behalf of thousands of families affected by autism. She was also shared testimony with the National Institute of Health’s Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee. In 2006 Heidi met with Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and was instrumental in declaring April 5th as “Autism Intervention Day” -- receiving a proclamation for her work. She and her husband Doug are actively involved in Michigan’s autism community and have raised funds for The Autism Society of America local chapters, The Judson Center, and numerous organizations that have helped families afflicted by autism. Heidi has co-chaired two international autism conferences and also co-wrote and directed a film about her son’s journey through the autism spectrum. Her film has been inspiring families throughout the world since 2008 and is her most cherished project thus far.

As co-owner of Asssemblyshows.com, Heidi performs educational school shows for elementary school children throughout the Midwest on subjects such as conflict resolution, anti-bullying, and diversity. Heidi and Doug currently conduct seminars for children’s performers on how to include children with autism in their live shows. They’ve co-authored magazine articles on this topic, receiving worldwide attention.

Heidi is honored to be one of five Autism Hope Alliance Regional Educators for The Autism Hope Alliance as well an Advisory Committee Member and Corporate Trainer for Autism Approved.
Joyce Pilarsky
MWI International Ambassador 2013/14
People's Choice
..... Pearl of the Orient Seas {Perlas ng Silanganan} ..... Philippines - Jocelyn Pilarsky,
Ms. MWI International Ambassador 2013/14 (People's Choice)

On September 18, 2012, Jocelyn Pilarsky was bestowed the honor of representing her country at the 2013 Ms. MWI International Event.

August 8th marks the moment that Ms. Pilarsky honored her country of the Philippines by being crowned the MWI International People's Choice Ambassador Award recipient, securing a position as a top 6 finalists and finishing as 2nd Alternate to the crown.


Ms. Pilarsky was born in Manila Philippines, married 20 years to Günter Pilarsky and resides both in Manila and Germany. Jocelyn has a BSE major in English and has worked as a flight attendant and fashion model and now a fashion and jewelry designer.

Jocelyn is the president of the FILIPINO GERMAN CLUB in Karlsruhe Germany and the author of the beauty book YSG.... Young, SEXY AND GORGEOUS.

Ms. Pilarskys’ helps and supports the GINTONG PALAD FOUNDATION whose aim is to build schools for young scholars from impoverished backgrounds. Jocelyn also helps other organizations in their charity fund raising for calamity victims and does a lot of volunteer work whenever the need arises.

Joyce Peñas Pilarsky - Awarded Most Outstanding Artist in Baden Wurtenberg Germany 2007.

The Jocelyn & Günter Pilarsky Foundation. Jocelyn and Günter Pilarskys’ social commitment and desire to make a difference found a focus in 2006 with the inauguration of the Jocelyn & Günter Pilarsky Foundation.
The aim of the Foundation is to promote science, research and education, he development of inter-national relations and aid, as well as the support of youth and aged care, health and welfare services. For more information on the foundation visit: http://www.pilarskyfoundation.org/
Jeanette Kruger-Hibbins
MWI International Ambassador 2012/13
People's Choice
Ms. Mpumalanga South Africa crowned MWI International Peoples Choice 2012/13
August 9th in San Juan Puerto Rico.


Jeanette Kruger-Hibbins was born on July 30th in Lydenburg, South Africa and still resides there. Jeanette is the 2nd oldest child of five. I am privileged to say my parents are still married after 41 years. I love my brother and sisters deeply, and am so grateful to my parents for the opportunity I got from them. I am so blessed to have so many siblings, œthey always have made life more standing in some dark times, one family member always says.

Married to Shayne Hibbins and the happy step mom of three wonderful children, who she loves and nurture as her own. Although at the lost of her 3-½ month old in a terrible flood in Lydenburg 2001, she is now an angel-baby creating a home for her family in heaven who she will carry in her heart forever. Although this was a terrible experience she learned a valuable lesson. Life is short, don't stay mad, love life and most importantly love your family.

I am a loyal honest person; I love my fellow citizens. I am deeply religious, and believe that prayer is the most powerful weapon in life. I am proudly South African and love my country. We have so many things to be grateful for; I am proud to be a part of our beautiful Rainbow nation

That's me “ Jeanette Kruger-Hibbins


Awarded to the contestant that sells the most number of MWI Adopt-A-Bear Charity Teddy Bears combined with On-Line Votes. A Minimum of 30 Bears must be sold to qualify. 100% of Adopt-A-Bear sales will go to MWI's Ambassadors Charity of Choice.

Kortney E Keys
MWI International Host Ambassador 2013
From Niagara Falls. USA, one of the Natural wonders of the world, MWI International
Host Ambassador Program.

Excellence Abounds. Our 2013 MWI International Host Ambassador Kortney E. Keyes continues the tradition of Elegance & Grace.


Kortney Keyes, a 21-year-old graduate of Niagara University with a degree in Food and Beverage Management served as the 2013 MWI International Host Ambassador.

Kortney currently works full time at Seneca Allegany Casino as a Restaurant Shift Manager. Ms. Keyes is the only child of Mark & Gayle Keyes. Kortney states with pride her Seneca Nation Indian full blood heritage. She is a member of the Seneca Nation of Indians and the Wolf Clan.

Kortney spends her time volunteering at the Niagara F. Community Mission to hand out gifts during the holiday season and serving dinner. Ms. Keyes & husband Mark announced that they are expecting their first child early 2014, and we here at MWI wish them nothing but the very best on their new addition to the family tree.

As the MWI International Host Ambassador, Kortney will serve as a Good Will Ambassador to Niagara Falls NY and the MWI International System.

MWI International ~ held its 2nd Annual Event at the 4 Star, Triple Diamond Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel August 4-9, 2013.

The MWI International Organization sends our love & thanks to this incredible young lady and extends our wishes for the very best in all her future endeavors. Ms. Keys will always remain an important part of the MWI International Family, as she set the framework for all young ladies following in her footsteps.
Jessie Marie Alfaro
MWI International Host Ambassador 2012
 Photo Credit: A & P Digital
From the Isle of Enchantment “Isla del Encanto” Puerto Rico, MWI International Ambassador Program

Setting the standards, our MWI Inaugural Ambassador ~ Jessie Ann Marie Alfaro Gutiérrez launches the MWI Ambassador Program off with a bang of Elegance & Grace.


Jessie Ann Marie Alfaro Gutiérrez was born on May 9th in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Jessie grew up in Vista Mar, which is in Carolina, Puerto Rico; where she resided with her parents and little brother until I she was 19 years old.

At 17, Ms. Gutierrez first job was at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, during her senior year of high school. She worked her way up thru the airport having the opportunity to work for several different companies.

Jessie currently works at Restaurante Raíces, in Old San Juan. A graduate of Colegio María Auxiliadora, she is currently in her 4th year at La Universidad del Este, where she holds a PHD in psychology and working towards her bachelors.

Jessie’s goals are to continue her modeling career & travel the world. Obtain her bachelor's degree in psychology and associate in cosmetology. Miss Gutierrez has goals of staring her own business one day allowing her to combine her talents.

As the MWI International Host Ambassador, Jessie will serve as a Good Will Ambassador to Puerto Rico and the MWI System, along with her role as interpreter to our Spanish-speaking contestants.

The MWI International Organization sends our love & thanks to this incredible young lady and extends our wishes for the very best in all her future endeavors. Ms. Alfaro will always remain an important part of the MWI International Family, as she set the framework for all young ladies following in her footsteps.
Elche Kayla Thaver
MWI International Host Ambassador 2017
From Mpumalanga South Africa,"A PLACE WHERE THE SUN RISES",
MWI International Host Ambassador Program.

Excellence Abounds. Our 2017 MWI International Host Ambassador Elche Kayla Thaver continues the tradition of Elegance & Grace.


Elche Kayla Thaver, a 24-year-old women who describes herself as coming from very humble beginnings.

Born to a mother of Indian decent and a dad of English decent she grew up in two worlds.
Elche studied HRM and captured a job in Training & Development at the South African Police Force. Elche states that she “Simply enjoy her job as it allows great interaction with people from all walks of life”.

Ms. Thaver strives for a life that makes a difference wherever she goes, even in the simplest of ways.
Her dream is to give hope to young people around the globe, that they too can live a good life regardless of where you come from.

Elche loves spending time at the Verulam Day & Frail Centre and providing meals for the seniors whom have no family.

As the MWI International Host Ambassador, Elche will serve as a Good Will Ambassador to South Africa and the MWI System.

The MWI International Organization sends our love & thanks to this incredible young lady and extends our wishes for the very best in all her future endeavors. Ms. Thaver will always remain an important part of the MWI International Family, as she set the framework for all young ladies following in her footsteps.